About Our School

Welcome! To Unison International School

Commencing our teaching journey at Unison Institute in 2009, we have faced challenges, worked hard, and celebrated. As a premier institute, we strive to share academic excellence and help students achieve their dreams through competitive exams. Our students consistently achieve top results and gain admission to prestigious colleges. Inspired by Albert Einstein, we believe education is about training the mind to think, not just memorising facts.

Responding to the region’s demand for high-quality education and a creative environment, we established Unison Kinderworld in 2016. We value building strong relationships with our students, understanding their strengths and weaknesses to create a happier learning environment.

Unison International School, a scholastic venture by our director and principal, adds to our achievements. We embrace different teaching approaches to enhance student learning and are fortunate to have enjoyed a successful student teaching coordination. We believe in being open-minded to keep growing.

Early Years Programme

From Pre-Nursery to Class II

Primary Level

From Class III to Class V

Middle Level

From Class VI to Class IX

Aspire.. Empower… Excel….

“Dare to Dream, Learn to Excel with an Open Mind, a Noble Heart and a Passionate Soul.”

Technology-Infused Learning

Providing a cloud-based system with important details for building a supportive technological framework for e-learning.

Creative Learning Integration Programme

The Creative Learning Integration Programme enhances students’ conceptual wisdom through a multidisciplinary approach.

Interdisciplinary and Global Learning

Engaging students in hands-on projects for interdisciplinary exploration and ensuring an exposure to global concepts.

Latest Educational Resources

Offer cutting-edge resources and excellent facilities for progressive, interdisciplinary education with a global focus.

Critical Thinking Competencies

Inspiring students to be curious, rational, creative, ethical, adaptable and resourceful for a forward-thinking mindset.

Exceptional Sporting Amenities

Our school has excellent sports facilities in a beautiful setting, promoting an ideal environment for athletic pursuits.

Futuristic Infrastructure

Leading the region with pioneering innovations like central air-conditioning, Smart Classes and air-conditioned buses.

Highly Experienced Educators

The school’s faculty prioritises scientific and progressive ideologies to cater to student’s educational requirements.


The three circles here can be seen as a symbol of mutual support. The circles are linked uniquely and cannot be separated showing the strong bond and base Unison as a company has. The middle ring shows working in unison (in sync) successfully. And the arrows in the typography suggest years of success and moving forward.


01. Green

This soothing green gradient is chosen because it’s the symbol of balance, prosperity, freshness, and progress.

02. Orange

The orange gradient is for enthusiasm and creativity. It encourages emotional energies of compassion, warmth, and passion, happiness, and understanding.

03. Grey

These two shades of grey are chosen because they complement well with each other and both the gradients and also stand for balance.


Commencing the journey of teaching with Unison Institute in 2009, when reflecting on the past years of student teaching, there have been so many challenges, so much of hard work and so many celebrations. We have been pushed beyond our comfort zone, and we have grown as a teacher immensely. Unison Institute is a premier institute of competitions. It is a collective endeavor of young Engineers, Doctors, and Mathematicians who are determined to serve the country by sharing their academic excellence with the young generation to help them realize their dream through competitive exams. From the last five consecutive years, we have produced the best results in the region from our students becoming the District Toppers to getting selected in the most prestigious Medical and Engineering colleges of India. The best approach we follow is inspired by the great Scientist Albert Einstein – “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”.

To train the young minds with excellent cognitive skills, the region demanded high-quality education and a creative environment to prosper. With that vision in mind, our pre-school Unison Kinderworld was established in 2016 by its founder Mrs. Aarti Arora. We have always valued forming strong relationships with our students to create the best learning environment for them. We have loved getting to know each of our students’ likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. We believe that this has helped us teach them better and have made our classrooms a happier place to learn!

Unison International School, a scholastic venture which is established by our Director, Mr. Jatin Arora, and Principal, Mrs. Aarti Arora is yet another Feather to our Cap. We have learned that opening up to approaches and styles that we are not particularly used to is beneficial to help us learn more ways that can help students. Rarely does anyone have a perfect student teaching coordination, we are fortunate to have enjoyed ours. It is so important to continue being open-minded so that you can leave room to grow!