Appreciation and Applause

We at Unison International School, Pinjore believe that the students acquire the right skills and attitude to become responsible people of the society if their development is nurtured in a happy, structured, safe, calm and caring environment. One of the way to motivate the children to do their best, succeed and excel is to encourage them by appreciation and applause. Thus, after careful observation and detailed deliberation the following categories of the awards have been recently introduced by the school for all the students.

The teachers will announce these awards at the end of each month and proudly display them on the class notice board.

At the start of the academic year, the children are oriented about these award categories and motivated to achieve these. Through this system, every student is encouraged to achieve his/her potential and do better with each passing day. Various aspects of their personalities like leadership,
decision making, being proactive with work, taking responsibilities and interpersonal skills will be enhanced with these award categories.

The following awarded categories are in place.

1. Exuberant Unisonite of the month – Monthly achievers.
2. Unisonite – Performer of the Week – Highly motivated, willing worker, helpful to the teachers
and the peers.
3. Victorious Pearls – Intra Class / Intra House School Events achievers.
4. Unison Gems – Interschool achievers.
5. 100% Attendance Throughout the Session Award
6. Star Student of the Year Award
7. Classroom Champions – Best Class of the Month

We look forward to the valuable support of the parents in motivating the children to aspire to achieve these awards.