Vision, Mission & Values


Unison International School embraces the mission to empower each student, fostering academic excellence while wholeheartedly cultivating their overall growth.

Through dedicated mentorship and a nurturing learning environment, the school forges a path for students to evolve into impactful individuals, contributing meaningfully to society.


Student Success

Making decisions and committing resources to attain each student’s success.

Lifelong Learning

Educate and prepare each student for a life of purpose

Respect, Integrity, Trust

Establishing positive relationships based on trust and respect

Honesty and Ethical Behavior

Honoring the values, rights and responsibilities of each individual.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Creating and supporting a collaborative learning climate and culture of continuous improvement.


We strive for excellence in all our academic pursuits.

To raise the potential of each child

We believe in providing all students with a balanced curriculum aligned with quality instruction.

Physical, Intellectual, Moral, Social and Emotional Development

To nurture individuals towards excellence in value-based and progressive learning community.


Embracing the philosophy that each child possesses an unparalleled individuality, our school wholeheartedly fosters every facet of their personality, providing personal attention and care. We inspire students to cultivate habits of curiosity, logical thinking, reflection, mental agility, and self-sufficiency. Through our guidance, students develop a global perspective and a forward-thinking mindset.


Introducing our visionary leaders who are driving the transformation of young minds, moulding them into the future trailblazers with a global outlook.


Meet our team of dedicated professionals who take a proactive approach in creating a secure and impactful learning space, ensuring every child reaches their utmost potential.

Early Years Programme

We foster curiosity and encourage conceptual learning to nurture young minds. We introduce literacy and numeracy in a practical manner, building a strong foundation. Our approach focuses on comprehensive skill development, stamina, and balance. We have a unique curriculum designed for kinaesthetic learning and the development of motor skills.

Primary Level

Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of literacy genres such as prose, poetry, drama, and non-fiction. In mathematics, we emphasise problem-solving, logical reasoning, and analytical skills. Our environment science and social studies curriculum takes students on a journey of exploring the natural world and delving deeper into advanced concepts.

Middle Level

We focus on establishing a solid and student-centred foundation during the primary level of education. We prioritise personality development by nurturing academic knowledge and fostering creative expressions. Group work activities, including Storytime, lecture demonstrations, and large group discussions, form an integral part of the learning process.