Holistic Development

Education for a child is more than just the conventional methods of teaching and absorbing knowledge. It encompasses a holistic approach that caters to their overall development. At Unison, we prioritise the cultivation of responsible global citizens and the nurturing of lifelong learners.


Our dance program goes beyond the mere acquisition of technical skills. We aim to cultivate artists who possess the emotional intelligence and creative spirit to express themselves in the most unique and authentic way possible. Through our curriculum’s focus on flexibility, strength, endurance, World dance studies, and composition, we strive to empower our students to become true ambassadors of the language of the soul.


One aspect of our program is composition, where we encourage students to delve into the art of creating music. Through this exploration, they learn to express their emotions and ideas not only through dance but also through the melodies, harmonies, and rhythms they compose. We provide them with the tools and guidance to experiment with different musical genres, empowering them to become musical storytellers and composers.

Creative Writing & Public Speaking

By incorporating creative writing, debates, recitation, and declamations into our program, we empower our students to become confident and effective communicators. These activities serve as a valuable complement to their dance and music education, enhancing their ability to express themselves not only through movement and music but also through the power of words. We believe that the ability to communicate and connect with others is a vital skill for success in all aspects of life.

Clubs & Societies

Our clubs and societies offer a diverse range of interests and passions for our students to explore. By participating in these clubs, they develop a love for nature, theatre, adventure, technology, general knowledge, literature, and visual arts. These extracurricular activities supplement their dance and music education, ensuring that they graduate as well-rounded individuals with a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experiences.

Life Skill Programme

Through Life Skill Programme, we groom our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Every child is taught to set trends through life skills like Public speaking skills. The confident faces flaunting in the spotlight reveal the success of our character-building activities. The enthusiasm that abounds the children is felt as they interact with teachers and staff, learning at every step of their academic development.

Visual Arts

Through Arts, we amplify imagination and liberate the creative energy in each child. They are timely presented with a chance to showcase their abilities and unlock their hidden talents. Visual Arts includes:
  • Theoretical practice
  • Art-making practice
  • Curatorial practice

Speech and Drama (Theatre)

While focusing on speech and drama, we celebrate the art of expression of human emotions through the theatre programme.
  • Creating theatre based on its rich history
  • Working with play texts
  • Examining world theatre traditions
  • Collaboratively creating original theatre