Rules and Regulations

1. Parents should read all the information given in the admission form and submit it along with the necessary documents required. They should also read all the rules & regulations mentioned in the school diary. The documents submitted should match all the details correctly (i.e. Father’s name, Mother’s name, DOB etc.) No changes would be entertained later.
2. Parents/Guardian should inform the school if there is any change in their contact number, address or any other information.
3. Parents should register their mobile number for School App to get all the necessary and regular information of the school.
4. Parents/Guardian must take appointment on School app before coming to school. Parents must get the gate pass issued from the office when child is going during school hours.
5. Parents/Guardian should attend school PFM regularly.
6. Leave request must be sent on the leave form/SchoolApp prior one day to avoid getting marked as absent.
7. In case of any accident or emergency, the management is only liable to take the necessary action & to inform the parents/guardians.
8. The School will not be liable to compensate for any claim arising through illness, accident of the student or any other cause.
9. Damages done to buildings, furniture, library books, laboratory items, sports goods, any other thing by the student, such losses will be paid by the parents/guardian.
10. The decision of the Management shall be final and binding on the parents/guardian/student in any case.
11. The school reserves the right to modify, alter & include any other rules and regulations.
Parents/guardians are bounded by the school rules and regulation as amended from time to time.

Any Violation of these rules is subject to disciplinary action as decided by the School Disciplinary Committee.