Fee Refund Policy

New Admission

In case where a student withdraws admission one month before the date of the scheduled commencement of classes, full fee & security paid to school will be refunded.

Note: Fee includes

Charges (paid at the time of admission)

– Registration Fee
– Admission fee
– Activity Fee
– Security Fee / Caution Money (Refundable)

Monthly Fee

– Tuition Fee (Monthly / bi-monthly as per school’s fee policy)
– Transport charges (Monthly / bi-monthly as per school’s fee policy if a child pursues it)

Existing Student

In case an existing student withdraws in the mid / end of the session parents need to submit an application in the prescribed format at least a month before the date of withdrawal.

Penalty for late payment of school dues

Collecting fine is not the motive of the school, but late payment of fee has to be addressed.

Any delay in the payment of school fee beyond the due date i.e., 10th of every month at per school fee cycle shall invite the levy of late fee of

₹ 50/- from 11th to 15th,
₹ 100/- from 16th to 20th,
₹ 200/- per month from 21st onward till default continues.

*In case of default continuing for more than two quarters without any proper communication, the name of the student will be struck off without any intimation to the parents.