Basant Panchami Celebrations

Unison International School celebrated Basant Panchami with great fervor, immersing students in the colors and traditions of the festival. The school campus was decked with vibrant decorations, and students and staff adorned themselves in shades of yellow, symbolising the arrival of spring. As part of the festivities, a special pooja was conducted, invoking blessings for prosperity, knowledge, and creativity.

The highlight of the event was the lively kite-flying competition, where students showcased their skills in maneuvering colorful kites in the sky. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as students flew their kites high and reveled in the spirit of friendly competition. Cultural performances, including traditional dances and music, added a touch of traditional charm to the festivities. The celebrations not only fostered a sense of unity and cultural appreciation but also provided an opportunity for students to embrace the season of Basant and revel in its vibrant colors.