Christmas Celebrations

Unison International School transformed into a winter wonderland as students immersed themselves in the joyous spirit of Christmas celebrations. The school echoed with laughter and festive cheer as our young learners embraced the season with enthusiasm and creativity. The ‘Letter to Santa’ activity saw students expressing their heartfelt wishes and spreading the magic of the season through their thoughtful messages.

In the spirit of friendly competition, students participated in various Christmas-themed contests that showcased their artistic flair and imagination. From dazzling decorations to vibrant artwork, the campus came alive with the festive creations of our talented students. The Christmas competitions not only fostered a sense of camaraderie but also provided a platform for our students to showcase their unique talents.

As the school resonated with the melodies of carols and the warmth of shared moments, the Christmas celebrations at Unison International School became a memorable and joyous celebration. 🎄🎅✨


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