Conscious Parenting Workshop

Nurturing Bonds Through Conscious Parenting!
In a thought-provoking session, Unison International School hosted a captivating “Conscious Parenting Workshop” conducted by Dr. Shilpa Suri, a seasoned psychologist with extensive experience in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. The workshop, attended by more than 600 parents, delved into the changing mindset during adolescence and its various impacts on parent-child relationships.
Dr Shilpa Suri, a leader in holistic education and a dedicated mental health professional, not only shared insights into adolescent psychology but also provided valuable guidance on appropriate behaviour towards children. The session aimed to raise awareness among parents about the importance of conscious parenting during the formative years of their children.
The workshop offered more than just theoretical knowledge. Dr Suri provided practical guidance on effective communication strategies and appropriate behaviour towards children during this critical stage of their lives. She emphasized the importance of empathetic listening, open communication, and creating a safe and supportive environment for adolescents to thrive.
School Principal Aarti Arora expressed gratitude to Dr. Suri for her expertise and encouraged parents to actively participate in similar sessions to stay informed and connected with their children. The workshop concluded with an engaging question-and-answer session, fostering a collaborative atmosphere for learning and understanding.

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