Drawing, Elocution and Poem Recitation Competition

Unison International School recently organised a grand event featuring a Drawing Competition, Elocution Competition, and Poem Recitation, showcasing the immense talent of their students. The competition provided a platform for students to express their creativity, communication skills, and love for literature in a spirited atmosphere. The participants captivated the audience with their thought-provoking artwork, eloquent speeches, and mesmerizing recitations, leaving everyone spellbound🎨 The Drawing Competition fostered artistic expression as students beautifully translated their imagination onto paper with colours and strokes. The Elocution Competition showcased the students’ impressive oratory skills as they eloquently delivered speeches on various topics, captivating the listeners with their confidence and clarity of thought. The Poem Recitation segment brought out the poetry lovers, as students recited soul-stirring verses with incredible emotion and passion, moving the audience with their heartfelt renditions. It was a memorable event that highlighted the school’s commitment to providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and develop their artistic and literary skills.


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