Essential Ethical Values

The moral values that administer a person’s behavior and actions are called ethics. It defines how a person conducts himself in society and helps him differentiate what is right and wrong.

We, Unison International School, placed among the best schools in Pinjore, assure that our students follow an ethical way of life and grow in their respective fields. Ethics can be highlighted in the following ways in a society:

• Respect: As an ethical person, one must show respect to everyone.

• Maturity: The maturity of a person is determined by how he/she treats others around him/her. One should show empathy and compassion towards others, and others are expected to do the same.

• Lawfulness: As a citizen of this country, there are some set of rules which one must follow. An unethical person would create nuisances in society by breaking the laws.

• Treat Everyone With Equality: No one shall disrespect a person on the basis of caste, color, gender, or religion. Everyone has the right to be treated equally irrespective of caste and gender.

• Embrace Diversity: Our country is one of the best examples of Unity in Diversity. Our nation is full of people with different religious and regional beliefs. We should embrace and enjoy these different traditions and customs so that we live in harmony and peace.

• Believing in Liberty: Everyone wishes to live their life on their terms, thus they should be given the right to make decisions on their own.

• Being Unbiased: It is important to be fair in all situations at all times. Taking a person’s side for any reason other than justice equals being biased.

• Say No to Corruption: Breaking the law is unethical, and corruption is another unethical method usually employed to evade the consequences. Such practices should be avoided at all costs and if encountered, should be reported to authorities.

Ethics allow order to prevail in society and binds it into one big family living with peace and harmony.

Considered as one of the top schools in Pinjore, we inspire and encourage our students to be ethical in every field so that they grow up to be ideal citizens and great leaders of tomorrow.

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