Odyssey Flair Hunt (Kindergarten)

The Odyssey Flair Hunt was a mesmerising showcase of our students’ diverse talents and skills through a wide range of activities including dance, drawing, paper folding, clay moulding, salad decoration, rhyme recitation and ramp walk 🎭✏️🌸 The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and excitement as our young participants poured their hearts and souls into their chosen activities. They mesmerised the audience with their graceful moves on the dance floor, captivating drawings on paper, intricate paper folds, stunning clay models, beautifully decorated salads, rhymes that touched hearts and confident strides on the ramp👏🎨🌺 It was truly a feast for the senses as our students showcased their unique flair and creativity, leaving everyone in awe of their talent and passion 🌟We extend our thanks to the teachers, staff and parents who supported and encouraged our students throughout their journey. Your guidance and encouragement have played a crucial role in shaping our young stars .


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