Van Mahotsav | Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten students embarked on a fascinating journey of discovery today, as we celebrated Van Mahotsav and delved deep into the life cycle of plants. It was a day of wonder, learning and nurturing our young learners’ love for nature 🌳 With a range of exciting activities that reinforced the importance of trees in our lives, our students explored the joy of taking care of our planet. They learned about the multiple benefits of growing trees, from providing fresh air to giving more habitats for animals, and even producing our daily needs such as fruits and medicines. Through games, art and storytelling, our children were introduced to the intricacies of the life cycle of plants and the precious role each stage plays in contributing to a sustainable future 🎨🍂🌱 With the help of their teachers, they also created vibrant posters highlighting the benefits of planting trees, showcasing their creativity and artistic talent.


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