Workshop on Adolescence and Mental Health

Unison International School recently held an empowering workshop on Adolescence, Mental Health, and Coping Strategies, led by the renowned social entrepreneur, Mrs. Indu Aggarwal. The workshop aimed to provide students with essential knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges of adolescence and prioritise their mental well-being. Mrs Indu Aggarwal, a visionary in the field, shared her expertise and insights, guiding students through various topics concerning adolescence, mental health, and effective coping strategies. The workshop covered important aspects such as stress management, building resilience, self-care practices, and seeking help when needed. Through interactive discussions, engaging activities, and practical exercises, students were equipped with valuable skills to enhance their emotional well-being and develop healthy coping mechanisms🌟 The workshop proved to be a transformative experience, empowering students to take charge of their mental health and ensuring a bright future ahead.


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