5 Positive Ways to Manage Aggressive Behaviour in Children

Growing kids often express themselves aggressively especially when they find it difficult to express their emotions through words. In most cases, your child’s aggression is not deliberate. Instead, children take it as a way to assert themselves. Hopefully, there are ways to help your child calm down their aggression in the most positive ways, as suggested by Unison International School, one of the Best CBSE International Schools in Pinjore

Tips to Deal with Aggressive Behaviour in Children:

Here are some tips that will help you to manage aggression in your child.

  • Recognise the Reasons for Aggression: Is your child’s aggression mainly directed at you? Then it may be the case that your child is unable to express his/her feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and anger in the right way. Such as, only you can help your child realise and express their emotions through words, and not through aggression.
  • Allow Children to Calm: When children become aggressive, they hardly listen to anyone. So, when your child is already in temper, just help your child to stay calm instead of nagging them. After you control the situation and your child calms down from a temper tantrum, now you can speak to your child gently and ask them what was bothering them and why. Make sure you teach your child to label and manage different feelings.
  • Manage Your Temper: It is quite challenging for parents to control their temper for a long time with aggressive children. But, you should be patient enough and control your temper to handle your child’s aggressive behaviour. Experts recommend that kids are more likely to calm down easily when parents exhibit a calm and patient demeanour.
  • Instil Self-Control in Your Children: Kids are unable to control strong emotions. Here comes the role of parents to guide their children in developing the ability to keep negative feelings under control. Make sure you gradually instil a sense of self-regulation in your child to help them manage and control their aggression only with words and not through actions.


In most cases, aggression can be a normal part of child development, but sometimes it can be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. So, parents first need to understand the cause of the aggression of their children before taking any action. You can also seek professional help when you see that the problem seems to be a big issue.

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