Tips to Help Your Child Defeat Laziness and Lethargy

Sometimes children complain of being tired. They may get tired at the end of a busy day, when they feel sick, or simply when they try to get out of doing something they don’t want to do. These are very common. But when a child complains about it all the time and tiredness starts to get in the way of things that they usually like to enjoy, then it may be a Lazy Child Syndrome to work.

But, some ways can make your lazy child develop a positive attitude towards their everyday life and work, as suggested by Unison International School, one of the Top CBSE International Schools in Pinjore.

Tips to Deal with Your Lazy Child:

  • Be a Role Model: Children generally copy their parents and elders; they imitate your actions regardless of whether they are good or bad. So, it is important to let your child see you be active all the time doing your work and duties.
  • Set Expectations: It is important to give your child some age-appropriate chores to do. You can help your child by explaining the task in simple words and keeping him/her watching while doing the task. You can set the deadline for your child to encourage them to complete the task on time.
  • Encourage Outdoor Activities: Psychological studies prove that outdoor activities have the power to lighten up the mood and make children feel relaxed. It is because exposure to nature can effectively increase energy and the sense of well-being not only for children; but for people of all ages. Therefore, it is highly recommended to help your child engage in outdoor activities such as gardening, a small walk, playing in the ground, etc.
  • Offer Positive Reinforcements: One of the effective solutions to laziness is motivation. So, make sure to encourage and praise your child even for their little efforts to complete any task. It will motivate and excite his/her appetite for more responsibility.
  • Help Your Child to Take Responsibility: Sometimes doing too much for your child feeds the Lazy Child S It will make your child gets used to the thing that there is someone to get things done for him or her. So, it is better to assist your child, rather than fixing things up for your child all the time.

Unison International School, the top CBSE school in Pinjore, focuses on discovering the right tools and strategies to motivate students to help them become independent individuals.

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