Diwali Celebration

Unison International School sparkles with the joy of Diwali. The school recently held a spectacular Diwali celebration, uniting students, teachers, and staff in the celebration of the festival of lights. The event was adorned with vibrant decorations, cultural performances, and traditional rituals, creating an atmosphere of love, happiness, and cultural appreciation🪔 This Diwali celebration was a true testament to the spirit of the festival. The campus was beautifully adorned with colorful rangoli patterns, shimmering diyas, and festive decorations that illuminated the surroundings. Traditional rituals like the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, the singing of devotional songs, and the exchange of sweets further symbolised the essence of this auspicious festival. Unison International School takes immense pride in organizing such celebrations that instill a love for culture, foster community spirit, and create lasting memories for all.


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