Workshop on “Cyber Safety and Security”

Unison International School organised a workshop on “Cyber Safety and Security” to educate students about the importance of safe online behaviour and the risks associated with the internet. The workshop was conducted by Ms Shalini Mishra, a multifaceted professional speaker and child psychology expert. Ms Mishra shared her insights and knowledge on how young minds can navigate safely through the digital world and protect themselves from online predators. The workshop covered a range of topics, including social media safety, cyberbullying, online grooming, and privacy concerns. Ms Mishra emphasised the importance of parents and educators playing a crucial role in creating awareness and educating children about the risks associated with the internet. She shared practical tips on how to identify and mitigate potential online threats and encouraged students to adopt a responsible and proactive approach towards online safety and security. Unison International School aims to create a safe and secure learning environment for its students and regularly conducts workshops that equip and empower them to stay safe in the digital world.


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