Five Ways to Talk to Children to Make Them Listen

Are you having difficulty communicating with your child? Do you feel that your kid acts out when you ask something? You might be dealing with a communication crisis. Growing up, kids tend to adopt whatever they see and hear. That means that the way you talk to them and others helps them to modify their behavior. It is vital that you opt for an assertive yet warm mode of communication. After all, you want your children to actually listen to you. Developing strong communication with your kids is essential for their overall growth. 

How to talk to children so that they will actually listen?

Often, your talk with children ends with zero results. That is because there is a gap of communication between you and your kid. It is your responsibility to make sure that there is a positive yet firm environment when you talk to them. 

Unison International School one of the top CBSE schools in Pinjore listed some tips that you can use to make children listen –

  • Use the name of your child

Do you like it when someone says your name while speaking? It gives you a sense of importance. The same goes for your child as well. You need to grab their attention while making them feel important. In that case, taking their name multiple times in a conversation is a good idea.

  • Opt for eye contact

Nodding your head while working on a laptop as your child speaks is a bad idea. It immediately gives the impression that you are not interested in the conversations. This will actually demotivate the child from saying anything. To make sure that there is a steady flow of dialogue, maintain eye contact and exchange words.

  • Use a positive tone

It is imperative to understand that the kind of words and tone while conversing with them will reflect on their behavior. That is why adding please, thank you, and other positive words are essential. Refrain from saying no all the time. This will only discourage your child from sharing anything with you.

  • Encourage them to share

You need to make sure that your children feel comfortable sharing everything with you. That will help you to deal with any situation that your kid might be facing. For that, you need to encourage them to talk out their hearts. In exchange, share some personal experiences too. 

  • Don’t yell all the time

It is vital that you refrain from using a loud tone all the time. If you yell regularly, then it will fail to create an impact when you need it the most. Try to be cool and calm, even if you are dealing with a yelling kid. Let them calm down and then continue the conversation. 

These are the ways that are shared by Unison International School, CBSE school in Pinjore, so you can talk to children to make them listen. Here, it is vital to understand that yelling at them or being overly passive is not the right solution. You need to invest time and energy into building a relationship that is based on mutual respect and love. 

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