Workshop on English Language

At Unison International School, Dhamala, Pinjore, on March 22, 2023, Collins Learning hosted a session on English Language Teaching and National Education Policy (NEP). The workshop was conducted by Ms Manjari Mitra, Sr. Managing Editor at Collins Learning, who has an impressive profile with 25 years of experience in publishing school books and magazines. The workshop was designed to keep the staff updated with effective teaching methods and practical ideas that can be implemented in classrooms. In the seminar, Ms Mitra extensively and engagingly focused on the core facets of the English Language, stressing the importance of conversational skills and engaging worksheets to strengthen students’ vocabulary and articulation skills. Additionally, the participants were acquainted with the recently published educational policies to assist them to understand the curricular adjustments, shift in pedagogical skills, and execution for the students’ 360-degree holistic development. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for the teachers to acquire new strategies for efficiently teaching English and implementing NEP’s strategies into practice.


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